VIDEO (Music That DOESN’T Suck!): Haddaway – “What Is Love”

This video popped up as a suggestion on YouTube this morning, and am so glad I clicked it!

Haddaway – “What Is Love”

I remember when this song first came out in the early 90’s, B96 in Chicago used to play it all the time, along with some of the other amazing tracks that were out, then.

If I had not chosen to be an artist as a profession, I would have become a DJ, and I would have gotten my start around this time, in the late 1980’s and early 90’s, when I was first bitten by the House Bug!

This video incorporates a great classic dance track with some amazing Shuffle dance moves!

I love Shuffle! I always try and throw in a few Shuffle-friendly tracks on my House-Flavored Mixes.

Anyway… just thought I’d share!


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