The Beginning

October 1st, 2018.

Today marks the official beginning of the independent production of my animated series, “Surfur Gurl”.

I say, “independent”, because, as followers of this site and fans of my work know, I spent the last 12 months trying to go the “traditional Hollywood route” to get Surfur Gurl produced and was roundly rejected. Not because my show isn’t good, but because it did not align with the political agenda currently being pushed across the board in the industry, today.

What I came away with from my year-long excursion was a firm understanding of the inner workings of the industry and the absolute certainty that Hollywood has terminal cancer.

Between the rampant sexual abuse scandals, the open protection and praise of pedophiles, the non-stop political propagandizing and a plethora of box-office and TV ratings disasters, the Hollywood brand has been permanently damaged and is hopelessly irredeemable in the eyes of the ticket-buying and cable-subscribing public.

On top of which, many of the top people working in Hollywood are not only out of touch with who their audience is and what today’s audiences want, they vehemently despise them.

It is now the norm for directors, writers, producers and actors to take to social media to verbally assault, berate and demean not only the critics of a film or television series, but the established fan base, as well, as we’ve seen in the cases of such beloved franchises as Star Wars, Star Trek and Ghostbusters, to name a few.

Hollywood, which has in large part been bought up by the communist Chinese, is pushing an anti-American, pro-Leftist/collectivist agenda in their movies and TV shows, which is being wholly rejected by mainstream audiences… the very people the studios depend on to keep them afloat and maintain their extravagant celebrity lifestyles.

Yet, despite losing hundreds of millions, and in some cases, billions, of dollars pushing cultural Marxism, the studios are doubling and, in some cases, tripling down on their proven patterns of failure.

Hollywood is no longer the Entertainment Capital of the World… it is the Propaganda Capital of The World. It isn’t going to stop and it is never going back to the way things were.

The term, “Get Woke, Go Broke”, is the new mantra being bandied about, today, in regards to Hollywood and any company that adopts and promotes the Leftist agenda, above creating good content for their customers and making a profit.

I reject the direction Hollywood is going, in it’s entirety, and am moving to build a new kind of entertainment studio that creates agenda-free, escapist content for audiences of all ages to enjoy and support.

I’m going to do this with the backing of a few unnamed independent financiers, at first, and, eventually, bigger investors and the viewing public, who have tired of propaganda-laced content and whom the Hollywood elite have abandoned.

I am going to do all the initial work, myself, and eventually add some of the very talented people I’ve met in Hollywood, who have also become sickened by the politics in this town or were fired (or simply not rehired) for not toeing the line.

Here is the itinerary going forward:


The first three Surfur Gurl stories are three separate adventures, that take place a few months apart, but which have a single overarching story line. I wrote the first story in 1994, but I had to edit out a large portion of it because of the nature of the original pilot and where it was going to be viewed (MTV’s Liquid Television). Now that I get to start the series from the beginning (instead of on the action), I get to reintegrate those crucial story elements and expand upon them with notes I created over the subsequent 24 years.

Last year, I hand-picked a group of very talented and, in some cases, award-winning writers to pen the second and third story, but without having the backing of a major studio to pay them, the responsibility of writing episodes two and three falls back on me.

It’s actually probably better that it worked out like this because I know the kind of stories they are and by helming the first three scripts myself, I will set the tone of the adventures that come after them. Hopefully, by then, I will have generated enough interest in the show, and the money that accompanies that interest, to hire the writers I want.


Last year, as many of you will remember, I teased that I was working on a making-of documentary called, “Origins”, that gives an overview of who I am and what Surfur Gurl is about. Well, I shot much of that doc myself and had every intention of putting it out, but once I started meeting with people, I realized that it was probably too amateurishly shot to attract the kinds of talent and backing I was aiming for.

I have a friend here who does great camera work. He offered to reshoot it and edit it for me at a great price. But I held off doing it, because I was focused entirely on going the “traditional route” to pitch my show.

Now that I have abandoned trying to appeal to dying Hollywood, and am producing and paying for Surfur Gurl independently, a professionally shot “Origins” documentary is back on the slate.


What I’ve just laid out is what’s on my plate for the remaining three months of 2018, and, possibly, the beginning of 2019. After which I am going to create new artwork for the trailer, hire voice talent for the main characters and go into a studio and create an audio track to animate around… and work on it til it’s done.

Then I will have a brand-spanking new Surfur Gurl trailer that I can use to rally bigger investors, along with the public who are disillusioned with Hollywood, to support my show.

There are several new internet technologies, such as blockchain, and websites in existence and in the works, that will be perfect to show Surfur Gurl on, and which will allow people to pay for what they watch.

Reaching your destination is a matter of keeping your eyes on the objective and adjusting your sails along the way. With every step that the gatekeepers of the web and the moving image make, there are those who will raise to the challenge of circumventing them. I’m one of them.

I keep saying, “invest in the future of entertainment”, because it’s true. And it’s more and more obvious to the average viewer that that is what is going to be necessary to be free of those who exist not to keep people entertained, but to push their ideologies on everyone, and punish those who don’t go along.

It’s over for them and just beginning for me. Keep checking back here for updates on my progress.