“Spies . . . Sixties . . . Surfing . . .”


In 1994, artist and designer, KEITH KLEIN, produced a line of t-shirts around a character he created named, HONEY STUART, a.k.a., “SURFUR GURL”, which was inspired by his childhood love of “SPEED RACER”. He produced several different designs, which sold like crazy.

Wanting to create a backstory to the designs, he began to flesh out who Honey Stuart was and “SURFUR GURL” blossomed into an animated pilot which Keith wrote, designed and directed himself.

When completed, he intended on selling to MTV’s “Liquid Television”, the show that launched “Beavis and Butthead” and “Aeon Flux”.

Unfortunately, technology wasn’t as fast back then as it is, today, and it ended up taking close to two years to complete the pilot. By then, MTV had cancelled “Liquid Television”, so “SURFUR GURL” got shelved, but Keith never gave up on his idea.

After having done everything there is to do in the world of art for nearly three decades, a few years ago, Keith decided that it was time to pursue his dream in ernest; he relocated from his hometown of Chicago to the heart of Hollywood (exactly like Walt Disney did) to make connections and secure a deal to produce the entire “SURFUR GURL” ANIMATED SERIES.

In the meantime, Keith’s gone back to where this idea started. 20 years after he created the original designs, “SURFUR GURL” T-SHIRTS are available AGAIN, produced exclusively by us and available for sale in a multitude of colors at THE OFFICIAL SURFUR GURL WEBSITE. All the original designs are back, faithfully reproduced using the original artwork, along with several brand new ones! Each design is available in a rainbow of colors in Men’s and Women’s styles.

There are also COFFEE MUGS, iPHONE CASES for 6, 7, 8 and X models, SAMSUNG GALAXY PHONE CASES, POSTERS and PILLOWS all with your favorite “SURFUR GURL” design on them… with even more SURFUR GURL products planned.

Visit THE SURFUR GURL WEBSITE now, bookmark the page and check it often!

The Official SURFUR GURL Trailer



• T-Shirts • Caps • Coffee Mugs • Phone Cases • Posters/Art • Pillows • Hoodies • Long Sleeve Tees


Below is a prequel to the First Surfur Gurl TV Episode, done in a Comic Strip format.

It’s called, “24 Hours In The Life of Honey Stuart”.

It follows Honey and Scoop around on a typical day in their life growing up in the 1960’s.

I’ve been incredibly busy, lately, but new comic strips are on the drawing board. Keep checking back here or on the SURFUR GURL website for the latest updates.