SURFUR GURL Website & Store Updated PLUS A Call For Investors

The SURFUR GURL website has been updated, the SURFUR GURL online store stripped down to feature just the best selling items, PLUS there is a brand new post in the SURFUR GURL blog seeking investors to partner with Keith Klein Studios Hollywood to produce the next big thing in entertainment; the first animated season of SURFUR GURL.

After spending nine months, between September 2017 and May 2018, making calls, setting up meetings and doing pitches, searching for a direct route through the studios and streaming services to produce the first six animated adventures of SURFUR GURL, I took the summer off to recharge my energies, recoup some of my finances and figure out where best to redirect my focus for the series going forward.

What I’ve solidly decided on is that my interests would be best served finding some enthusiastic investors to pay for us to produce either the first season of SURFUR GURL (six, two-part episodes), the first three episodes of SURFUR GURL (which are separate adventures that share one story arch) or, at the very least, fund a new pilot episode of SURFUR GURL that can be used as a proof-of-concept to gauge interest and seek additional funding and a place to air it.

I don’t feel that the time and money I spent last year was in any way a waste. Indeed, it showed me, first hand, that the industry is severely broken, in some cases under questionable leadership and significantly behind the times, technologically speaking, as well as where the audience is.

It’s hopeless to think this stubborn, dying, old system is going to change from within, and they sure as hell aren’t going to listen to an outsider like me, so I have completely given up trying to go the standard Hollywood route.

The only way to move forward in this creatively bankrupt, originality-allergic town is from the outside.

There are new streaming services in the works, plus new technologies coming down the pike that will be ideal for maintaining creative control without sacrificing quality in any way.

And I STILL plan on using only American labor for all the work that needs to be done on the show.

Show your support by picking up one of the SURFUR GURL items in the STORE and keep checking back for future updates… I will hopefully be updating the K2 Studios Instagram Page and the SURFUR GURL Instagram Page more often, too, so you can follow me there, as well.