SURFUR GURL UPDATE: The Script Re-Write Is Finished For The 1st Episode


The script re-write is finished on the 1st Surfur Gurl episode.

Entitled, “Surfur Gurl and the Mysterious Surfboard”, it re-incorporates all of the parts of the original story that was written by Keith Klein in 1994 for the MTV Liquid Television pilot, but which were subsequently removed, so that the animation could start on the action, instead of a bunch of talking, set up and exposition.

This version of the script gives us all the backstory and develops the characters of Honey, Scoop and their gang of friends a lot more than we had in the original pilot and sets up the entire series, both going forward and for the stories that take place before the first adventure, as the Surfur Gurl series is non-linear.

Keith has also finished the outlines for the other five episodes in the first season, which consists of six adventures total (each in two-parts), and has begun doing research and making notes for the second script, which he hopes to finish before the end of the year.

After the holidays, Keith will write the script for the third story, which is already pretty far along, because the third Surfur Gurl episode was originally written to be the first episode, but Keith decided to back up a bit and explain how Honey became a surfer spy and got involved in battling the evil SINdicate.

Early next year, Keith and a few of his team will produce a new Surfur Gurl trailer for the first episode and Keith also plans to produce his long talked about documentary, “Origins”, that explains the genesis of Surfur Gurl and the story behind what it took to get it produced… which is an adventure all it’s own!

We’ll keep you updated as things progress.

Keep checking back often!