This portfolio is merely a glimpse of the many of projects Keith Klein has worked on in his 30-year career as a professional illustrator, designer and conceptual artist.

His clients have included:
Disney, McDonalds, General Mills, Lucasfilm, Warner Brothers, CPW, Nestle, Frito-Lays, Nickelodeon just to name a few.

Keith’s background is in advertising, marketing and promotions, and he spent many years designing toys for licensed movie and television properties, including Star Wars and several Disney movies.

In more recent years, Keith has offered his studio-quality character design and illustration work to numerous frst-time authors. There are a dozen or so books on the market, four of which are children’s books, that Keith has illustrated and/or published since 2012, and he has two children’s books of his own in the works.

One of the children’s books Keith illustrated, “Expanzaramadingdong”, won first prize in’s 2015 “Moonbeam Awards”, was endorsed by several celebrities and briefly featured on television.

There’s a little bit of everything here. Enjoy!






Written by Jason Steinberg

“The Rotund pelican”

Written by Hall Hodgson

“Maria And The Magic Of The Rainbow”

Written by Susan Royse


People always want to know about the work I did on the Star Wars license, so here’s a brief bit of info on that year-long project:

There were over 100 different Star Wars concept designs created for General Mills during the year-long pitch process with Lucasfilm, in 2001.

After securing the Star Wars license for GM, Frito Lays called and heard that The Marketing Store had found a “secret weapon”, and hired me to do their pitch. I was also asked to design an electronic Jedi Starfighter game for Tiger Electronics.

Well-known Star Wars collector and writer, Gus Lopez, acquired all of the original art I created from me in 2002, as well as a few one-of-a-kind sculpts that I had been given during the development process.

I’ve worked on hundreds, maybe thousands of projects over the years, but the Star Wars license pitch was the pinnacle. It was Star Wars that made me to want to become an artist and to tell my own stories, visually.

Getting invited to Skywalker Ranch and meeting George Lucas was like I had trained my entire life to be in the Olympics and I won the Gold Medal.

– Keith Klein