The Fine Art Gallery of Photo-Realist Painter, Keith Klein

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All paintings are originals. Acrylic on canvas.

Keith knows all of the models he’s worked with and is always on the lookout for new people to paint.

Unless otherwise marked , all paintings are for sale.

If you see a piece that interests you, feel free to Contact Us for more information or to inquire about buying an original painting by Keith Klein.

This page will be updated whenever there are new finished paintings to add to the gallery, so check back often.




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Keith Klein:

Photorealist Painter in Los Angeles


Working in acrylics, mostly on large scale canvases. Keith likes to paint images that make a striking impact and that fill a space. The 3 foot by 4 foot size works great for that purpose.

When asked, he could not tell you what it is about a particular image that makes him want to spend [sometimes] hundreds of hours capturing it on canvas in such great detail.

“Inspiration is… primal. Instinctual. When an image grabs me, I want to freeze the feeling it gives me and share it with the world.”

Over the years Keith Klein has done a number of shows, beginning in 2000, showing numerous times in the gallery of the legendary Suburban Chicago nightclub, “The Mission”, run by club promoter, Dave Medusa.

 In 2002, I did a show alongside Olivia DeBerardinis’ work at Echo Gallery, Chicago.

“I was supposed to have just one piece in the show and when the gallery owners saw my paintings in person, they let me have an entire room.”

In 2010, Gallery Provocateur Chicago, which had been voted best gallery in Chicago, three years in a row by Chicago Magazine, asked Keith Klein to be one of their resident artists.

He has since moved to Los AngelesHollywood, specifically… to sell an animated television series of his own creation called, “Surfur Gurl”.

In the meantime, Keith continues to paint and plans to start doing shows, again, around L.A.

There is only one of each piece and once it sells, there will never be another.

If you see apiece you like, Contact US for prices and more info.

Your painting will come safely packed in a custom-made, padded, reusable art box that you can safely store your painting in when you move (nothing worse than putting a chair leg through a painting when you move).

Art is one of the best investments out there. It is the only investment that you can hang on the wall of your home or office and enjoy every day.



NOTE: The sale of original artwork does not include the sale of copyrights. All rights reserved.

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