Introducing The New DJ K2 Logo

It’s hard to believe that I’ve been (finally) living my dream of DJ-ing House Music for over a year, now!

I told the story about the first time I heard House Music last weekend at my birthday party….

I think it was 1983. I had a friend whose parents were divorced. His mom lived out by me and his dad and some of his family lived downtown Chicago. When he’d go see his dad, his friends would go to this record store and listen to the DJ’s spinning these new sounds; “Hip Hop”, “Rap”, different forms of Electronic Music and something called “House”.

I was a big fan of Disco when I was a kid in the 70’s, but when my buddy brought some of those new dance records home with him and shared them with me, I was immediately hooked!

Some of the first dance records I bought, myself, were, “I.O.U.” by Freeez and Herbie Hancock’s, “Rockit”.

From then on, House and Dance Music have always been a part of my life. It was a passion that grew and grew and, eventually, I had quite a collection of dance records and, eventually, CDs.

But, at the same time, I was just starting to get recognized for my art and growing my art and design business. At that time, DJ-ing was like not a “real” thing that people did. It was very fringe, partly because it was SO expensive to buy the vinyl and the time it took to get really good with it, and there just weren’t a ton of clubs to spin at, like there are now.

So, I put that passion aside for nights and weekends and never took it seriously, really… even though music is so deeply engrained in who I am (you might say, I was born from music, but that’s another story). I made mix tapes, and later mix CDs, for all my friends, with all the latest dance tracks for each season.

But it wasn’t until my Jeep got crushed last year that I had the choice to saddle myself with the (unnecessary) burden of another car payment… OR… take the insurance money and go buy new DJ equipment and finally pursue this burning desire I’ve had inside me since I was 14 or 15 years old!!

So, that’s what I did!

Now, a year and a half later, I’ve got about 900 followers on Instagram, and some of my favorite DJ’s follow me… some new, some old… and now, nearly every night, instead of wasting away like a vegetable in front of the TV, I DJ MY ASS OFF!!

That’s a lot of wind up just to share the new DJ K2 Logo I created… but I think it also gives you some of my motivation behind the design.

See, when I created the other logo last year, I had been messing around with designs that spoke to the idea of going back and taking the road not taken… and the Rewind Symbol also looks like a slightly abstract “K”. But none of the designs I did really grabbed me.

It’s funny how you can’t nail something at a certain time, but then go back to it, later, and see what you were trying to do and it just clicks.

So, the new DJ K2 logo, it really a slightly revised version of the original design I was aiming for… based on the rewind button symbol, because I’m going back to fulfill a dream I thought I’d never get to pursue.

The other logo will be retired, now, and new merchandise created using the new design… so, stay tuned!


Special thanks to Emil B. for his extra set of eyes!

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