VIDEO: How Todd McFarlane Became the Biggest Comic Book Artist Ever

When I was a young man, my mentor taught me a very important lesson that I have utilized every day of my life, since.

He said, “Don’t try and re-invent the wheel. Find someone who has already succeeded in the field you want to enter and emulate their success”

Growing up, all my heroes were the rebels… the ones who did not like the way things were being done and deliberately went against the status quo… something that is totally alien in todays conformist, collectivist societal malaise.

People like, George Lucas, Steve Jobs and this guy; Todd McFarlane.

I came across this very excellent interview with Todd McFarlane over the weekend and thought it was worth sharing.

I was on board with McFarlane from the beginning, when he was doing Batman, The Hulk and when he took over Amazing Spider-Man at issue 298. I watched him reshape the comic book industry in his own “image”, then do the same thing to the toy industry. His policy of letting creators keep ownership of their properties is still unmatched in both comics and Hollywood.

Watch and enjoy!